The alpha linolenic acid product "Bergk1" can weaken a Covid19 infection and maybe even prevent it.

Based on our experience with the alpha-linolenic acid product "bergk1" and the many studies on the effects of plant-based alpha-linolenic acid, we believe that "bergk1" will help mankind to end the Covid19 pandemic quickly.

We need your help!

We need your support in the search for further studies on plant-based alpha-linolenic acid, DHA and EPA (PUFAs).

Please look for scientists and universities who are interested in conducting studies on "bergk1".

Share this page with friends, send it to your government, scientists, doctors, hospitals and universities.


The numerous studies showed:
Alpha-linolenic acid strengthens the immune system and is an initiator for T cells and macrophages. 

It is reported that T cells and macrophages are largely inactive without alpha-linolenic acid. People should supplement their diet with alpha-linolenic acid so that the immune system is prepared and responds robustly to viruses.

Alpha-linolenic acid prevents and improves plaque build-up on the walls of blood vessels.

Alpha-linolenic acid has anti-inflammatory properties. Corresponds to corticosteroids.

At the bottom of the page you will find studies and publications that support our statement


We know that Bergk1 has a high bioavailability of the alpha-linolenic acid it contains for humans. The alpha-linolenic acid is absorbed into the cells and there, as needed, is converted into DHA and EPA, into so-called Pufas.

We know that Bergk1 reduces the TNF-alpha (Tumor Necrotic Factory) by 60%. Since bergk1 does this in humans, Bergk1 will also show the required effects as published in the studies and weaken the power of the viruses. We are convinced of that

The studies on alpha linolenic acid and our experience with bergk1 lead to the conclusion that bergk1 must be used against covid19.

With your help, maybe we can end the pandemic together

We need your support to finance a larger production and to produce Bergk1 in the USA to finance the studies. 

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Get a right of first refusal with a $ 199,- or more support. Bergk1 will be sent to you as soon as possible. The way we can produce it. We will also email you regularly about each of our steps

What is "bergk1"?

Bergk1 is 100% natural.We receive a liquid from a plant from which we remove some undesirable substances in a process lasting several weeks. This gives us the alpha-linolenic acid in a high bioavailability for humans. Before the procedure, the contained alpha-linolenic acid shows no effects on humans.
The liquid is considered a food and can be made available to people immediately. "bergk1" has no side effects.
As far as we know, "bergk1" is the first and so far only product that can be used therapeutically to deliver alpha-linolenic acid. We know that "bergk1" lowers the Tumor Necrotic Factory (TNF-alpha) level in the blood by 60% after 14 days of intake.

About Us

My name is Oliver Bergk and I am part of a small team from Germany.

A few years ago we developed bergk1 by chance and have since been producing it in small quantities.
Due to the Covid19 pandemic, we have decided to make bergk1 available to people as quickly as possible. It is clear to us that we cannot cope with this alone and are looking for partners in the USA who are able to produce Bergk1. Or people who help us with knowledge or support us with money to set up a production in the USA.

Studies and publications

The likelihood of an inadequate supply of PUFA is greatest in people whose need is increased, for example in the case of infections, chronic diseases or in growth phases.

Thus, PUFAs and their metabolites have broad antimicrobial effects

ALA can act as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent for inflammation of the surface of the eye. The anti-inflammatory effects of ALA are comparable to those of corticosteroids and are mediated by NF-κB signal transduction

The results of many of the studies described here show that ALA is not only essential, but also has therapeutic properties.

Epidemiological studies and human nutrition studies suggest that alpha-linolenic acid is an important cardioprotective nutrient.


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